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The 9 Best Travel Movies of All-time

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's true a movie is worth like a million words. Watching an epic journey is much more exciting than reading about an epic journey. Movies always get me way more hyped to travel than any book could. These are the facts: Movies are cool, and traveling is cool, so movies about traveling are twice as cool. The 9 best travel movies of all-time are listed below.

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How Safe is Solo Travel?

One major issue keeping people from traveling is safety. But, fear not. Generally speaking, traveling around the world is statistically no more dangerous than traveling across your hometown. 

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The 16 Best Solo Travel Quotes

Solo Travel is awesome, and inspirational quotes are awesome. So, inspirational quotes about solo travel are twice as awesome. These are my top 16 favorite solo travel quotes. I hope they motivate you to take your own personal journey.

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