Top 10 Travel Vloggers to Follow in 2018

Travel vlogs are cool, because they offer a different perspective on traveling than regular videos do. The travel vlogger's personality makes watching travel vlogs worth while. Some vloggers are inspirational, some are funny, and some have a touching story that pulls at the heart strings. This is a list of the top 10 travel vloggers to follow in 2018. Try not to get too emotionally invested in their lives.


1. Fun For Louis

Living the Adventure

Louis Cole is a daily vlogger from England. His channel FunForLouis documents his life and travels adventuring all over the globe. Cole is all about positivity, and living the adventure. One cool project he did was the Boombus, a double decker bus renovated into a mobile center to help homeless youth.


2. Vaga Brothers

13 Essential Bucket List Trips to Make Before 30 | World Travel Guide

The Vagabrothers consist of award winning videographer brothers, Alex and Marko. In their own words, they are globally-engaged storytellers on a mission to explore the planet by connecting with other young people and inspiring viewers to do the same.


3. Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine - Travel Vlogger - Welcome to My Channel!!

Nadine is one of the biggest female travel vloggers. Her videos are about travel tips and advice aimed at helping others plan and save on their travels. Subscribe if you want to see some exciting travels, and get expert travel advice at the same time.


4. Mr. Ben Brown

TOP 10 DAY OF MY LIFE - Arctic Day 4

Mr. Ben Brown is a film maker, photographer, and daily vlogger from London. He is all about working on awesome projects, and having incredible travel adventures. Brown says he seeks to change his worldview by abandoning traditions. 


5. Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde on the NEWS!!!

Sailing La Vagabonde documents the adventures of an Australian couple bent on circumnavigating the globe in a sail boat. Hilariously, they did not know how to sail when they started their journey. At this point, they are seasoned veterans.


6. Kristen & Siya

One Yea in 199 Seconds | 2017 Travel Montage

Kristen and Siya are yet another traveling couple. A so-called adventure travel junkie, Kristen films her wild adventures, and she dresses up as different characters and acts out travel stories based on true events.


7. Brendan Vanson

NYC to LA in 80 Hours and 10 Photos | Photography Documentary Trailer

Brendan Van Son is a professional photographer. His YouTube channel helps people improve their photography skills, and details his extensive travel adventures. Subscribing to Brendanvanson gives you a behind the scenes look at the average day of a professional travel photographer.


8. Gone with the Wynns

Gone with the Wynns 2.0

Gone with the Wynns is a vlogging family that document their sailing voyage around the world. They are incredibly happy, and optimistic. In their own words, neither of them are overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But, that doesn't stop them from having wild travel adventures, and traveling to distant lands.



9. Carrie Rad

Moving to LA | Cost of Living in Los Angeles California

Carrie Rad is a travel vlogger that makes videos about all the things she loves in life, which include fashion, food, beauty, and travel. She is considered a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber who also publishes challenge videos, tags and health and fashion related content to her self-titled channel.


10. Slice of Matt

Meeting the Maasai || Kenya Day 19

Matt is a South African, Polish vlogger and Instagrammer from Paris. Check him out if you want to laugh, learn about Parisian living, or learn how to cook like an exotic, gourmet chef. Like the other YouTube travel vloggers on this list, Matt goes on crazy travel adventures and expeditions. 

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