Instagram Travel Influencer Interview: Wander Reds @wanderreds

Instagram travel influencer interview with social media maven @wanderreds. 

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1. Do you make a living through photography/your website?

Making a living through Instagram is a quite a controversial statement. I'm not a big fan of it actually, and I usually explain it on my posts and stories. Many travel bloggers use it to create a false sense of success in what they do. It all comes down to what you consider making a living. Except reasonably big accounts with 250K and over, any account that claims to make a living through Instagram is probably misleading their audience. They might be traveling the world indefinitely, and use Instagram to cover their expenses, but thats probably it. If you look at their travel patterns, its usually always the same, European or Americans that tend to wander around cheap, affordable destinations in South East Asia, and that's pretty much it. If your expenses are $800-1000 a month, and you make that much out of Instagram, could you say that you make your living out of it? Maybe. I however, consider that to be misleading. In a way, they are creating false hopes and expectations to other kids around the World that follow them. Making a living should include a bit of money for investments, and another chunk that you save for a rainy day. It should also cover your expenses in your natural home base, not a cheap hub in Asia that's only going to be a temporal thing for a few months. I much rather prefer plain honesty of other expressions like, "Instagram covers my travel expenses". And of course, that will be true in most these cases. In my case, I travel all over the World, not just cheap destinations. Instagram has just recently started covering all my travel expenses. But in no shape or form would I consider to be make a living out of it, in my usual home base in Madrid. Hope this makes sense. 
2. How did you become an instagram influencer? Would you recommend your lifestyle to others?

Pros, definitely the community. Fellow travelers you get to meet everyday that offer tips, insights or even support on a not so great day. Cons, it sometimes feels like a bit of a grind. When the algorithm punishes you for no apparent reason, and your posts are hidden from your follower's feeds, it's a bit disappointing. Social media has good and bad days, like on real life. Mostly good though, thats why we do this. 
3. What does your average day look like?

It's hard for me to pick an average day, since I'm visiting every country in the World while I still have a 9 to 5 job. If I'm working, it would probably go like this: 6am wake up call, 30min catching up with Instagram, Gym Workout, Stretch, Shower, Breakfast, Suit up, Commute with a 30min train ride that I use to reply to comments and DMs, Work from 9 to 6, Post at 6pm and reply to comments and DMs for the next 3hrs. 9pm to 10pm I send emails out to brands, and then dinner watching a tv show and straight to bed at midnight!
4. Have you had any strange interactions with followers?

Hahaha many. I've had everything from love declarations (women, men...) to work proposals, to joke work proposals, to scammers, to people asking me to ask me to pay for their trips...So many weird things I cant even start with one.
5. Craziest travel story? 

I almost drowned in Zanzibar with all my gear on me (drone, cameras, lenses, cash, passport, macbook,...) after taking the tide for granted and walking into the sea. In just 30 minutes, the sea level rose from my ankles to my neck! Fortunately a local fishermen saved me just before the water reached my mouth and I was holding my pack with my arms stretched in the air. Scary. Moral of the story: never take the sea for granted! 

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