Instagram Travel Influencer Interview: Jorden Tually @jordentually

Enjoy my mini-interview with instagrammer, youtuber, and social media influencer Jorden Tually. 

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1. Do you make a living through Instagram?

I make enough money to continue to travel almost full time but I am in no means rich haha I usually just trade my skills for services.
2. Pros and cons of being an instagram influencer? Would you recommend your lifestyle to others?

Pros to being an Instagram Influencer is that you get some really cool opportunities worldwide and you meet really cool people and brands! A con would be the fact that you are opening up your world to criticism, judgment, and opinions that may not be so nice so you have to take the good with the bad!
If you don't like working 9-5 I think that it's a great lifestyle but just remember you still have to work even more then 9-5 but you are doing what you love so its worth it.

3. What does your average day look like?

Wake up, answer emails, answer instagram messages, adventure all day then come back and edit video and photo :)

4. Have you had any strange interactions with followers?

Haha yes I have had a few interactions with followers but none have been strange, all of them have been so much fun and I really love getting to know people that follow me! Its great.
5. Craziest travel story? 

This one time I stood 1m away from flowing lava, that will go down as one of the best things I have ever done. If you want to see lava flow I suggest you go to the big island of Hawaii - It will blow you away!

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