Instagram Travel Influencer Interview: Jackson Groves @jackson.groves

This Instagram travel influencer interview is with Aussie travel blogger, Jackson Groves. 

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1. Do you make a living through Instagram?

I make my income from my blog/Instagram and other freelance photography assignments.
2. How did you become an instagram influencer? Would you recommend your lifestyle to others?

I first began photography and Instagram on Oahu in Hawaii. I was inspired by the awesome island and began adventuring all the time. I started taking photos on a Sony A6000 and then a Canon 7d. My following began to grow and I continued to adventure and improve my photos.When I graduated from college on Oahu, I left to backpack around the world and have been doing so ever since. My lifestyle is structured chaos. There are few who can handle it as a full-time backpacking content creator. There are many logistical challenges that overwhelm most. I wouldn't recommend it unless I notice certain traits in a person.
3. What does your average day look like?

I either have an all-out adventure day, which involves waterfalls, beaches or a hike or an all-out work day. If I do a work day, I find a local cafe with WiFi and curate the content that I created on the adventure days!
4. Have you had any strange interactions with followers?

I've met tons of my followers around the world and even traveled with some! Nothing strange has ever happened really!
5. Craziest travel story? 

The craziest story for me is making it to Everest Base Camp. The night before the trip I got incredibly bad food poisoning. I was in my hostel and the weather that day had been 40 degrees Celsius. However, because of the sickness, I was wearing 3 layers of thermals and a ski jacket. Hours later I had stripped down to just my underwear and was sweating profusely. The next morning at 5 am, I crawled out of bed and managed to get in a taxi to the airport. I flew to Lukla to begin the trek and painstakingly made my way to the first town along the trail. I passed out here for two days. I continued on the trek and made it to the next town where I battled altitude sickness. I decided to go on despite the altitude sickness and 4 days later made it to Everest Base Camp and watched the sunrise over Mt. Everest!

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