Instagram Travel Influencer Interview: Briana & Javier @adash_of_life

In this installment of the Instagram Travel Influencer Interview we have Briana and Javier of @adash_of_life.

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1. Do you make a living through Instagram?

Right now we are not making a living through IG but are working to get there in the near future.
2. Pros and cons of being an instagram influencer? Would you recommend your lifestyle to others?

We became IG influencers on accident. We made the decision to start a blog once we became US expats living in Florence, Italy. Once we started reading about blogging and social media in general we thought we would try to grow our IG and started to pour ourselves into growing all of our social media platforms. Once we reached about 9k followers on IG, we were contacted and asked to promote some products. Since then we have worked with several brands, tour companies and restaurants.  We would recommend becoming an influencer if you are able to commit yourself to hours of work on social media every day.
3. What does your average day look like?

Our average day starts with the gym, then we each work several hours on our various social media platforms, whether it be creating a YouTube video, preparing content for other platforms, following up with brands/sponsors, or engaging our audiences across social media. My afternoon and evening hours consist of completing remote work for my job based out of Michigan. I supervise autism programming remotely.
4. Have you had any strange interactions with followers?

We definitely have had some very strange interactions and requests from followers on our various platforms. Commonly, men ask to get to know me better...even though our IG depicts us as a couple. I would say that is the most common so far. 
5. Craziest travel story? 

One of the craziest travel adventures we’ve been on occurred in Chiapas, Mexico.  We decided to save ourselves some time by taking an overnight bus from Belize.   The bus was meant to arrive at 8am, and we had planned to find accommodation upon arrival.  It turns out our bus arrived 5 hours early, at roughly 3am.  We found ourselves in the middle of the night, in a remote location with no accommodation.  We noticed some signs for a jungle hostel before arriving at the bus station so we decided to walk there.  We found ourselves walking in the jungle with the sounds of howler monkeys, footsteps all around us, slithering in the leaves near our feet, and the occasional glowing set of eyes in the bushes.  We were not surprised to find that no one was awake at the hostel, so we decided to sit at one of their tables in a common outdoor area and wait for the sun to rise.   The jungle was alive all around us and we were too intimidated to do any sleeping in the open so we decided to stay awake, listen to all of the sounds around us and hope when the day broke we could obtain a room.  Thankfully we were greeted by some cleaning staff at around 7am, who offered us some warm coffee and a room. 


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