Instagram Travel Influencer Interview: Nick & Hannah @saltinourhair

This Instagram Travel Influencer Interview is with Nick and Hannah, social media influencers that run @saltinourhair.

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1. Do you make a living through Instagram?

No, we don’t do much advertising on our Instagram because we don’t want to bother our followers too much. We will usually work with hotels to reduce costs and have an income on our blog and selling products.
2. How did you become an instagram influencer? Would you recommend your lifestyle to others?

One of our photos got shared by GoPro where we got 5k followers from. This motivated us to keep on posting on Instagram. We started our blog and YouTube to spread our reach. Instagram kept in growing until today, 2 years later.
3. What does your average day look like?

It depends, we travel for 2-4 weeks, and take a work break for 4 weeks. When we work, we work in the morning and evening, relax or go to gym in the afternoon.
4. Have you had any strange interactions with followers?

Hmm, sometimes people ask you super weird stuff. Those are the followers who never comment and only send a weird DM. Haha
5. Craziest travel story? 

The first time we were in the Philippines, we had to rush in a taxi from one terminal to the other. We jumped into a taxi and asked him for the price. While he was driving he explained the price was 10x higher. He stopped just outside the usual taxi spot to avoid police. We paid it but once he got out of the car to help Hannah with her luggage. Nick grabbed the money out of the little storage area and left the amount what it should be.
We ran to the terminal, full of adrenaline and just made it on the flight haha.

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