20 Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018

 1. @unlimitedadventure


One of my favorite instagram travel accounts. @unlimitedadventure is the self proclaimed best instagram account for adventure pictures. If you like nature pictures check them out. Their website, unlimited-adventure.net, helps you find deals on hotels in adventure locations.

2. @travelbroh

@travelbroh is awesome, because they feature pictures from the best travel photography instagram accounts. They act like a travel photography curator, and offer a wide-range of incredible nature imagery.

3. @travelandleisure

@travelandleisure is a great source for traveling motivation and inspiration. Their picture quality makes it obvious why they are the biggest instagram account on this list with 3.3 million followers. They offer a diverse array of travel pictures from Peruvian mountains, to English castles.

4. @expertvagabond

@expertvagabond is a travel photographer and blogger that has been featured by the likes of Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and the New York Times. His instagram account reflects his extensive traveling journeys. The Expert Vagabond offers tons of awesome travel advice on his website, expertvagabond.com.

5. @popwander

Yes, of course I am going to feature my own instagram account on the list of best instagram accounts to follow in 2018. @popwander will inspire you to travel to distant countries, as it has inspired my travels. My account is a hodge podge of curated travel and hiking pictures, rivaling the greatest traveling instagrammers. PopWander.com offers budget travel gear, and travel tips.

6. @theplanetd

@planetd is run by a super popular travel blogging couple. They were named a top 10 travel influencer by Forbes in 2017, and have visited 105 countries and all 7 continents. You can follow The Planet D's traveling adventures here.   

7. @everchanginghorizon

The @everchanginghorizon instagram account will make you feel alive, and get you hyped to take an adventurous journey. Ever Changing Horizon has a really cool website, and blog featuring travel photos, and adventures. everchanginghorizon.com

8. @everythingeverywhere

@everythingeverywhere is run by an amazing travel photographer named Gary Arndt. Gary has won North American Travel Photographer of the Year 3 times. His journeys have taken him to over 120 countries in 7 continents. Gary's travel expertise can be seen in his world class instagram travel account. Check out his website at everything-everywhere.com.

9. @bemytravelmuse

 @bemytravelmuse is run by Kristin Addis, a California native who specializes in solo adventure travel. Kristin's instagram account follows her wild traveling journeys. 

10. @triphackr

@triphackr is operated by a guy named Clint. His instagram is unique, because the pictures are taken from a drone. Drone shots definitely make for awesome adventure travel pictures. Clint features a travel hacking service called Grabr that might be of use.

11. @nodestinations

@nodestinations follows the adventures of a travel couple named Chris and Danika. One day they decided to get rid of their material possessions, and hit the road. They have a cool story, and a cool instagram account. Their website, nodestinations.com, offers travel guides and reviews.

12. @funforlouis

@funforlouis is better known as a Youtuber, and travel blogger, than he is for his instagram. But, his instagram is definitely one to follow in 2018, because it highlights his incredible travel adventures. You can check out Louis's travel blogs at youtube.com/funforlouis.

13. @wanderreds


 Wander Reds is different in that he works a regular job, and still travels the world. Get inspired by the @wanderreds instagram account, and travel the world, even if you have a job. Wander Reds also has a Facebook page.

14. @booyasan

@booyasan is a French photographer that unsurprisingly likes to take pictures and travel. The majority of his pictures are of buildings, and monuments. Booyasan sells prints of his instagram photos here.

15. @andyto

Andy To's instagram account offers tons of HD travel photos with super high image resolution, and clarity. Andy To also makes Youtube videos showing you how to shoot travel pictures like him. Andy To's Youtube.

16. @swedishnomad

The Swedish Nomad is a travel blogger, and photographer. The Swedish Nomad instagram account chronicles his traveling lifestyle. You can never have enough travel inspiration. SwedishNomad.com offers travel tips that you should find useful.

17. @doyoutravel

So, do you travel? Jack Morris's instagram account will make you jealous of his cool traveling lifestyle. Morris sells lightroom presets which can be found here.

18. @lebackpacker

 @lebackpacker is run by a guy named Johan Lolos. Lolos is an incredible travel photographer. His instagram account has lots of wildlife photography. You can preorder Lolos's Peaks of Europe: 5 month photography journey photo book here.

19. @lifeofsabin

Sabin's life will inspire the wanderlust in you. Sabin has been to 60 countries, and has the Guinness World Record for fastest time to visit all EU member states and countries. His Guinness World Record bio can be found at guinnessworldrecords.com

20. @landlopers

Last, but not least on the list of best travel instagram accounts to follow in 2018, we have @landlopers. @landlopers features the photography of travel writer and blogger, Matt Long. Long is a master of shooting amazing travel pictures. His blog Landlopers.com has great travel tips.

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