15 Cheap Travel Destinations If You're Young, Broke, and Want to Experience the World

You want to travel the world. But, how can you? You are young and broke. I am also young and broke. Traveling doesn't always have to be so expensive. These 15 Cheap Travel Destinations are incredible, and they won't destroy your budget. Budget travelers enjoy!

Where: Zanzibar

Why: Comprised of Unguja, Zanzibar is a part of Tanzania in East Africa. Known for its tropical beaches and diverse marine life, Zanzibar is a highly underrated budget travel destination. Visit stone town, Zanzibar’s capital, or go on an African safari. 

Hotel Costs: $18 for a private room in Stone Town. $60 for a 4-Star Beach Paradise in Marumbi.

Where: Haiti

Why: Sadly, Haiti has been ravaged by earthquakes. But, it is still an incredible budget travel destination. Go to Port-au-Prince for the iron market and gingerbread style houses. Or check out the roller coaster, zip line, and water park in Labadee.

Hotel Costs: $20 for a Port-au-Prince Bungalow. $60 for a private room in the Boutique Hotel.

Where: Costa Rica

Why: This Caribbean country is a nature lover’s paradise. Costa Rica‘s rain forest terrain holds a wide variety of animal and plant life. That’s cool, but I would rather sip martinis on Tamarindo beach.

Hotel Costs: Rent an entire house for $57, or live on a Coffee Ranch for $72.

Where: Croatia

Why: History buffs love this Eastern European country. Visit the medieval city of Zagreb and check out the historic museums.  Croatia also has a flourishing nightlife, with bars like Booze and Blues, and Dezman.

Hotel Costs: One room in Vrlic will set you back $23, while a 5-bedroom house is only $54.

Where: Thailand

Why: Known for its ancient ruins, extravagant temples, and insane beaches, Thailand has a lot to offer the budget traveler. Check out the full moon parties, or join a monastery and become a Buddhist monk.

Hotel Costs: A room in a studio is $29. Staying in a Bed & Breakfast is $49.

Where: Greece

Why: Once heralded as the worlds greatest empire, Greece does not disappoint in the area of tourism. Get deep in the Greek mythos by Visiting Athens or checking out the Parthenon. Greece’s beaches are pretty nice too.

Hotel Costs: One room in a studio apartment is $39. A stone villa in Crete is $64.

Where: Sri Lanka

Why: This little island country near India has tons of cheap tourist attractions. The ancient Buddhist ruins are a big tourist draw. Some Sri Lankan ruins are over 2000 years old. Sigiriya is an old rock palace with frescoes. Frescoe is just a word fancy people use to say art.

Hotel Costs: $31 for a cabana, and $49 for a villa with a pool.

Where: Namibia

Why: Namibia is an African country, colonized by Germany. As a result, Namibia has significant German influences, such as their colonial-style architecture in the capital of Windhoek. Another favorite destination of the nature lover, Namibia has national parks, a huge desert, and a large cheetah population.

Hotel Costs: A private room is $31. A beach house apartment is $67.

Where: Puerto Rico

Why: Puerto Rico is pretty heavily Americanized. It is an American territory after all. Still, Puerto Rico has a lot to offer. San Juan has amazing beaches, cool restaurants, and an old castle. You can also check out cock fighting, although I do not suggest it.

Hotel Costs: One room apartment will cost $50, and an ocean view apartment is $100. 

Where: Malaysia

Why: A fan favorite of budget travelers everywhere. Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a shopper's paradise, and is a mecca for great food. Check out the Petronas Twin Towers, or the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. Malaysia is also home to tropical rainforests, and beaches.

Hotel Costs: Seaview apartment for $32. A condo in the city center is $49.

Where: Albania

Why: Albania is known for its cultural aspects, history, and abundant art scene. Archeological remains such as the ones in Sarande are a popular tourist attraction. Contenders are the Roman amphitheater in Durres, or monastery in Lake Ohrid.

Hotel Costs: One room in an apartment is $35, and a waterfront apartment will run you $45.

Where: Cambodia

Why: Another Southeastern Asian country filled with interesting sights, sounds, and people. Visit the royal palace in Phnom Penh, or the legendary Angkor Ruins. Tonle Sap has a really cool fishing village with houses that float on the lake.

Hotel Costs: You can get a balcony room for $31, or a private bungalow for $65.

Where: Belize

Why: Known for its Mayan Ruins, colorful jungles, and barrier reefs, Belize is another great tropical getaway for budget travelers. Go diving and snorkeling, or check out the giant pyramid in Caracol.

Hotel Costs: Get a penthouse suite for $60, or a cabana for $35.

Where: Mexico

Why: Don't avoid going to Mexico over safety concerns. The country is beautiful, despite its poverty. An incredible restaurant is never far away, and the night life is top notch. Tijuana has lots of donkeys painted like zebras. But, the best part of Mexico is that it's cheap.

Hotel Costs: You can find decent hostels for $11-15, or live in a fancy villa for $41.

Where: Brazil

Why: Brazil, the soccer powerhouse, is among the most scenic countries on this list with world renowned beaches, and rainforests. Rio de Janeiro is a must-see tourist hub. Check out the Copacabana beaches. Authentic Brazilian barbecue is also something you should try. 

Hotel Costs: Get a suite for $10, or a beach loft for $40.

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